24. März 2023

Zürich Burlesque Festival is around the corner and we’re SO PUMPED to be able to offer you the best of the best workshops with the big stars – and also an elements workshop with our headmistress Bunny D’Vine for all of our beginners out there! Check out our program!

Jonathan Finch-Brown is an international circus and cabaret performer from the UK. Performing as a soloist, as one half of aerial duo ‘Little Finch’ or as his drag queen alter ego ‘Force Majeure,’ Jonathan has wowed audiences across the globe from the FrIedrichstadt Palast in Berlin to Singapore and the Seychelles as well as touring the USA.
Jonathan’s unique performance style and mix of strength and flexibility have made him a sought after cabaret star throughout Europe and he cannot wait to be back in Zürich for this years Burlesque Festival!
In this course we will be looking at all areas of flexibility, the course is for all levels of flexibility as we will be working through progressions to make sure everyone is working at their own level. 
We will be looking at how to increase flexibility with passive and active stretches as well as using partner stretching in a safe and secure way to increase our range of mobility. 

You need no experience with dance to strip like a pro, and Bunny can give you all of the tools you need to perform a strip-TEASE from beginning to end, be it in your room for a partner, for yourself or for an audience!

Ginevra Joyce will teach you how to use the floor as a prop! After warming up your bodies with a little bit of stretching Ginevra will guide you on how to incorporate floorwork in your routine revealing tricks and tips that will be useful for creating your act. You will add a new dimension to your performance and you’ll improve your flexibility.

Suggested clothing: leggins or leotard, dance shoes, knee pads.

Learn to move gracefully and musically with feather fans! In this workshop you’ll cover the basic hand holds and fan movements. Then, you’ll use these movements to explore fan reveals that work with the natural, soft movement of your feather fans. It’s time to add a whole new romantic dimension to your feather fan movements!


15. Mai 2022

Most people know Oscar Wilde’s famous quote “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, and most of these people have no idea the quote doesn’t end there. It actually ends with “…that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

Yes, you guessed it right: this is about Marilyn Monroe’s dress being worn by a celebrity (Kim K.) at the Met Gala.

Let me digress a little bit: I’m so grateful for working in an industry that lets me get inspired daily and express myself and my art through my body in such free ways. I’ll never forget my first time at the Crazy Horse in Paris. First, let me say it: it’s the most erotic show ever! I spent the whole time holding my chin back up and drolling at the amazing acts. I had a blast!

I especially remember my first inspiration for my first act. We had this full black wall on stage with only a 1mx1m square cut out. Through this tiny square is where the whole action took place. The square was cut at around the dancer’s hip height so all you could see were her incredible legs. What came next for the best 3 minutes of my night was simply the most amazing legs moving around, dancing around, crossing and uncrossing – in the sexiest heels ever, of course. 

About a year later, I debuted my first act. It’s called “Bunny Leg Circus” and I start on a chair doing a lot of… leg tricks, what else? Right now I’m working on my third act and guess what… it’s all about snakey legs. That one act, that one moment in time got me inspired for life. It brought me to hit the gym harder to get the best legs I can. It got me to invest in costumes that show off my legs. Even in daily life, from the tights to the skirts and leggings I choose… they’re all to emphasize my favorite body part. Inspiration can be life-changing. Inspiration can take you to new levels and help shape your art. Inspiration is powerful.


Now back to the Met Gala, Kim K. and Marilyn’s dress. Long story short: I don’t think the dress should ever have left the museum. I know it comes from a private collection but pieces like that, just like any other museum piece, belong to humanity as a whole and not a single person among us. The dress has a story and a legacy we should fiercely protect for the next generations to come, so as they can serve as a lesson, and, in the case of the arts, as inspiration.

On top of that, what really bothers me is the missed opportunity. We have so many talents out there. So many amazing tailors and designers could have taken Marilyn’s attire as inspiration and made something completely new and special inspired by this iconic dress. Copying hinders innovation. Inspiration pushes us forward and supports creativity. Copying bores and bothers. Copying is mediocre, inspiration is divine. What could have been a feat of greatness ended up being a mediocre and potentially harmful attempt at praise.

How about you? What are your biggest inspirations? What do you think about copying? Let me know in the comments!


20. März 2022

It all started around 5 years ago. You may think that’s not a lot, but as the saying goes, it’s not about how many years you have in your life, but about how much life there are in your years. Indeed, if I could give you a before and after picture, you’d say it does look like it’s been a lifetime. Well, why can’t you, you ask?

Is Burlesque for me?

17. März 2022

Burlesque is for everyone to enjoy. Want to go to a show? Go, go, go! I can’t recommend it enough and I have written a whole other article on what to expect of your first show. The only reason I can think of you wouldn’t enjoy a burlesque show is if you’re coming straight from the 50s and feel easily offended by sexuality, nudity or words like “vagina”. Then maybe… maybe not.


10. März 2022

I’ve just realized I’m always here throwing the word “burlesque” here, “burlesque” there, “burlesque” this, “burlesque” that and… I never really talked about what burlesque is. First, I wanna say it’s not one thing. There’s several facets to what burlesque is, and I’ll just give you a few ideas here.