About us

Headmistress Bunny D’Vine

Bunny (aka Miss D’Vine) fell in love with burlesque in 2016 when she had never stepped into a pair of high heels (believe it or not!). Her passion took her from absolute beginner to performer and now director of the showgirl school Danse Partout!


  • Training as burlesque dance trainer and mirinette at Danse Partout, many years of experience in burlesque, pole dance, chair dance, stretching, striptease, floorwork.
  • Alixa Flexibility Certified Flexibility Trainer
  • Producer of Burlesque Show D’Vine Extravaganza
  • Co-producer at Tease me Please Show
  • Head of “The D’Vines” Showgirl Troupe
  • Choreographer for “The D’Vines”

Stage experience

  • Performances at festivals/events at home and abroad (Croatian Burlesque Festival, Velvet Revue, The Exhale Show)
  • Performances at Gypsy Rose Bar
  • Performance at Cabaret Chocococo
  • Headlining and organising D’Vine Extravaganza
  • Performances at Tease Me Please Show
  • Performances at private events
  • Hostess at World Burlesque Day and Ibiza Burlesque Festival
  • Character and team member at Ohh La La Chérie Burlesque Show Zurich
  • PSO (Pole Sport Org): 1st place Pole Dance Exotic 2019

Wingwoman Shy Calestina

As the enchanting wingwoman of Headmistress “Bunny D’Vine”, she flies elegantly with her colorful wing over everything what’s happening in the Danse Partout. She has an overview of all current workshops and courses in order to find the right dance experience for every dancer – whether beginner or professional. For her, burlesque is a world in which she can sink away from her everyday life. A world of glitter, glamor and magic that she will always admire.

Burlesque Mistress Blanche Neige


  • Training as Burlesque Workout Trainer and Mirinette at Danse Partout
  • Experience in various dance styles (jazz ballet, modern dance, afro, tango, salsa)
  • Gessnerallee Zurich: 2 semesters of improvisational theater for adults
  • Trainer with Federal Diploma

Burlesque Mistress Lulu Applecheek


  • Training as Burlesque Dance Trainer at Danse Partout
  • many years of experience in belly dance and burlesque dance
  • Matchless Dance School: 1 semester in contemporary dance
  • Experience in various dance styles (tribal fusion, hip hop, lindy hop, jazz dance, ballet, yoga)
  • Train the Trainer (pedagogy/didactics training at the St. Gallen University of the Arts)

Stage experience as burlesque performer

  • Performances at festivals/events in Europe (e.g. Berlin, Rome, Stuttgart, Como, Hamburg, Zurich)
  • Awards: Queen of Burlesque Stuttgart / Newcomer Award Rome / Audience Favorite “Glamour bangs Madness” Berlin.
  • Homepage: www.luluapplecheek.ch

Burlesque Mistress Creme Brulee

Why be moody when you can shake that booty.

Crème Brûlée has been dancing at Danse Partout in the Burlesque style since 2016 and trained as a bachelorette party mistress in 2017. She warmly welcomes bachelor:ette party groups and gives them an easy, fun and enjoyable introduction to the world of burlesque dance, fashion and poses.

In Burlesque she loves the diversity of people and bodies as well as playing with seduction (the tease). For her, Burlesque is a lifestyle, because it’s about self-confident, embodiment of one’s own eroticism and very important -> fun and self-love.


  • Training as a burlesque dance trainer / bachelorette party hostess at Danse Partout (Mirabelle Chocococo)
  • Burlesque dance workshops: Rock’N’Lesque (with Rock music), Halloween Burlesque
  • Many years of experience in Burlesque dance, 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Gaga People, Embodied Movement
  • Experience in various dance styles: Argentine tango, high heels, voguing, salsa cubana, belly dance, modern, jazz, ballet
  • Substitution teacher for weekly courses Burlesque Dance and Jazz Burlesque
  • Trained as a performer at Danse Partout (Mirabelle Chocococo) including a newcomer performance
  • Certified Yoga Sivananda teacher
  • Experienced as a group leader

Stage experience

  • Cabaret Chocococo – Newcomer Burlesque Show Zurich
  • Hostess and performances at Ohh La La Chérie Burlesque Show Zürich and Burlesque Festival Zurich
  • LaBurlatorium Burlesque Show Zurich
  • Private events

Social Media

Instagram: @creme.brulee.burlesque

Burlesque Mistress Mona Fair

Mona Fair

The stage is her home!

As a little ballet mouse, she stood in front of an audience for the first time and since then has enjoyed thunderous applause as a jack of all trades. As a burlesque performer, she not only charms with her curves but also with her breathtaking voice.

Relevant appearances:

  • Cabaret Chocococo
  • Tease Me Please
  • Animator for Ohh Lala Cherie


  • Many years of stage experience at home and abroad as a musician, performance artist, dancer
  • Training in voice pedagogy

Our studio

Danse Partout was founded in 2009 by Mirabelle Chocococo. Our beautiful location in the heart of Wiedikon is designed in vintage style and is the perfect place to learn the coolest burlesque moves and have fun while being feminine and sexy!