Workshops und Masterclasses

Lerne an einem Tag eine vollständige Choreografie oder tauche tief in einen Skill ein!

Nächste workshops:

Belly Dance – Soft and flowy movements with Lhamo

Date: 01.10.2022 | 14:00 – 16:00 – Fr. 80.-

How about learning how to move really smoothly and fluidly with the best belly dance instructor in town?

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Adore the floor with Frankie Fictitious

Datum: 02.10.2022 | 14:15 – 15:15 Uhr – Fr 90.-

Frankie Fictitious is a prominent dazzling innovative figure in the burlesque industry within the U.S. and internationally. She was crowned Miss Exotic World 2019-2021 and Most Dazzling at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2019, as well as Miss Viva Las Vegas in 2017. Frankie not only captivates and titillates audience members, but she also exemplifies the art of tease and showcases her mastery of how to connect with people through just a twinkle of her eye.
In this class Frankie will heat you up with a quick warm up, and a sensual yet sassy floor work routine that can be be adjusted to fit your personal burlesque routines. Frankie will give you her personal tips on how to engage with each and every audience member, as well as the importance of breathing and taking your time.

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Rhinestoning with Frankie Fictitious

Datum: 02.10.2022 | 15:15 – 16:15 Uhr – Fr 90.-

Become the sparkliest showgirl you can be! Frankie Fictitious will show you her personal tips, tricks and techniques on how to jazz up those costumes and make them stage ready.

Frankie is a classically trained painter, she uses the visual elements of art as a base for her rhinestoning. Frankie will go over everything from composition, shape, color theory, texture and beyond! Your under-bits will be your new canvas!

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Floor and Rhinestoning with Frankie

Datum: 02.10.2022 | 14:00 – 16:15 Uhr – Fr 160.-

Floorwork PLUS rhinestoning, you want it all!! I’m with you!!

If you want to do Adore the Floor plus Rhinestoning with Frankie Fictitious instead of investing Chf. 90 per workshop you get the super special price of Chf. 160 for both!

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Tassel Twirling mit Milla Fellini

Datum: 22.10.2022 | 14:00 – 16:00 Uhr – Fr 80.-

Ich tauchte vor einigen Jahren in die Welt des Burlesques ein, ich liebe es mich in meinen Kostümen
und Acts kreativ auszuleben und auf der Bühne damit auch das Publikum mit in meine Welt zu
Tassel Twirling hat sich als mein besonderes Talent herausgestellt.
Ich freue mich euch mein Wissen darüber weiterzugeben und mit euch die Tassel zu schwingen bis
sie glühen.
Im Workshop gibt es einen theoretischen Input über verschiedene Pasties/Tassels, wie du sie selber
basteln kannst, wie sie kleben bleiben und nicht ungewollt davonfliegen.
Wir üben ganz viel praktisch und ich zeige dir verschiedene Möglichkeiten die Tassels zu schwingen,
für alle ist etwas dabei!

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Nächste Masterclasses:

5 surprising benefits of burlesque (revealed!) – 17.09.22 at 2pm – Fr. 10.

Pun intended! Join a workshop by Bunny, a real-life showgirl who will reveal how self-empowerment, being a boundary badass and more are some surprising benefits of burlesque – and she’ll teach you a little fun strip-tease to get you started, too!

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Dial 333 for striptease emergencies! – 19, 21 and 23 September at 8:30pm CET (recording available) – Fr.120

Striptease School Online is on!!!

Adults don’t have enough fun. I’m here to change that! In this 3-day intensive you’ll learn the basic 3 steps to striptease, how to look great while dancing and stripping, how it relates and connects to other areas of our lives and you’ll even dance your own striptease routine! It’ll be FIRE!

All classes will be in English and you’ll have some juicy homework to do!

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