Expert Review

How about getting an expert to review your work?

It’s new and it’s hot!!!

Do you have a specific wish you’d love to get an expert performer to help you with, or do you want to have your act reviewed so you know exactly what to work on? We have a team of experts and here’s what we can offer you!

  • Experts and offers
Experts and offers

Bunny D’Vine

Our headmistress Bunny is our striptease and floorwork expert. She’s also the one who can help you realise your vision and put the feedback you get from other reviewers into your work. You can book Bunny for:

  • Your first act – you have a wish and no idea on how to make it happen? Bunny’s the one for you.
  • Floorwork tricks and transitions – spice up your routine with some mind-blowing floor!
  • Striptease – tease is Bunny’s first love! Don’t know what, when or how to take your clothes off? She’ll get you there.
  • Other experts consulting and help: get a video review and get down to work right away!

Use the buttons below to book (please make sure you click the right one, whether you’re already a student at one of our regular courses or external) or write to us directly at bunny(at) (Fr.95-150/h – internal and external prices)

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Ruby Joule

Take your act to the stars with Ruby Joule!

Whether it’s a brand new act or one you’ve had for a while, Ruby Joule can help you make it shine even brighter.

Let her suggest ways to make your act more memorable, effective, and polished, in keeping with your personal style or genre. Specializing in techniques for classic burlesque striptease, subtle storytelling and connection with the audience, Ruby will help you:

  • Make your act more memorable
  • Increase the effectiveness of your tease factor
  • Maximize the polish and glamour of your stage presence
  • Achieve your personal goals for your routine

Ruby Joule is a three-time award winner at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, and has been invited to teach her classes at BurlyCon (the largest burlesque educational convention in the world) over multiple years. Based in Austin, Texas, USA, she has traveled the world performing her award-winning burlesque acts and sharing her workshops from Australia to Europe and across North America since 2006. Ruby Joule is a classically trained dancer and actress with over 20 years experience in ballet, jazz, ballroom and world dance.  She has studied with the Legends of burlesque as well as contemporaries including Catherine D’Lish and Michelle L’Amour. Ruby is known for her intertwining of sensuality and elegance, as well as the playful and lighthearted energy she brings to performing and teaching.

Ruby is available for a voice / written act-review (Fr.50). You may also book a voice / written review + Bunny’s review help in one go (get our act reviewed by 2 experts at once, and have Bunny help you put it all into practice right away) for a super special price of Fr.130 (internal) and Fr.185 (external). Email us at bunny(at) to book!

Chris Oh!

Get your act reviewed by the one and only Chris Oh!!!!!

Chris Oh! King of NZ Burlesque is an international headlining Boylesque Sinsation with a Sex’cellent reputation for leaving his audience rapt in oh-oh-ohhh so many toe curling sensations. His sultry moves and peekaboo perky bottom leave many women breathless and many more men confused. Recognized in any disguise for the most meaty thighs, you’d be wise to be vociferant, for the more you call the more he reveals. If being hot and sweaty, teased and pleased to the edge of the edge oh-oh-of your seat then this powerhouse of pizazz has got you covered and soon to be begging for more.

Chris can help you with anything: from technique to pazazz. Luckly for us, he’s available on Tuesday afternoons from 4:30-5:30. For bookings please write to us directly at bunny(at) (Fr.200/h)

Emma Mylan

Get your act reviewed by the queen Emma Mylan herself!!!!!

Emma Mylan is the show Mcee and art Director, also directing the “Zurich Burlesque Festival”, “European Queen of Burlesque©”, “Ohh! Lala! Cherie!”, pioneer of burlesque in Switzerland since 2008, she has highly contributed to the development of this art all around the country.
Her style is poetical and elegant, inspired from the vintage hollywood showgirls and divas. Emma the romantic, Mylan the poetic but don’t be fooled by her innocent allure, she comes with a twist! Don’t forget, she has Asian blood!

Emma Mylan is the number 1 burlesque producer in Switzerland. If you’re looking to take your act to the next level, she’s the one! Emma is available for a voice review (Fr.50) or a 30-min act review video call (Fr.70). You may also book a voice review + Bunny’s review help in one go (get our act reviewed by 2 experts at once, and have Bunny help you put it all into practice right away) for a super special price of Fr.130 (internal) and Fr.185 (external). Email us at bunny(at) to book!